Marco Borsato back on TV with exclusive interview Linda’s Winter Month

We do not need to say that Marco Borsato has not had an easy time. But exactly how he is doing is unclear. After staying under the radar for a long time, he now returns to TV.

It is the first time in more than a year that singer Marco Borsato can be seen on television again. Next week, Saturday, March 13, Borsato will join Linda’s Winter Month to talk about the past year.

Marco Borsato in Linda’s Winter Month

Among other things, the period of his burnout, the divorce from Leontine and its effect on his life will be discussed. The singer also discusses his hopes and plans for the future. The conversation is a special one and will be recorded in the A’DAM Toren in Amsterdam-Noord. The special involves interviewing him alone, rather than with other guests. Presenter Linda de Mol and Marco go through the events of the past year with the help of images and music.

“We have known each other for a very long time, I think for more than thirty years,” says Linda de Mol about the interview. “Marco has had an incredibly tough, eventful and perhaps life-determining year, which I want to take all the time for.”

More than a year ago, Marco Borsato decided to insert a media silence. The singer suffered a burnout and divorced his wife Leontine after almost 22 years of marriage.

Marco Borsato, Rolf Sanchez and John Ewbank

But the one-off special is not the only thing we will see from Borsato soon: it will also return with music. If we go by the hints on Instagram, he will be releasing a song with Rolf Sanchez on March 9 at 9:03 am. John Ewbank, his regular copywriter, is also involved in the project.

The one-off special of Linda’s Winter Month can be seen on SBS6 on March 13 at 8 p.m.

Leontine is and remains Marco Borsato’s ‘great love’

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Marco Borsato returns to TV with an exclusive interview on Linda’s Winter Month

Marco Borsato back on TV with exclusive interview Linda's Winter Month
Source link Marco Borsato back on TV with exclusive interview Linda's Winter Month

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