Marije Knevel fights all online haters with humor and hearts

The inbox of fresh Dutch celebrity Marije Knevel was flooded with hate messages. She reads them on her social media and starts a conversation with the haters. Sometimes it also works. “Oh, sorry, they say. Isn’t that beautiful? “

“I want to make a difference, I don’t want it to be the most normal thing in the world to destroy someone on social media, so I fight hate with love!” So the haters who call her ‘cancer whore’ get a heart, the ‘cunts’ a kiss, and others “have a great evening and thanks for watching.”

Marije Knevel

Marije Knevel on the phone is just as Marije Knevel as on television, including in Wie is de Mol. Busy, enthusiastic and with her almost famous voice, of which one is not much of a fan – and does not let her know this very delicately -, while another, like the undersigned, gets a lot of energy from it.

She has a “crazy busy day today,” she apologizes in advance. So she calls back a little later, first a meeting is on the agenda, explains the deputy editor of LINDA.nl from. In between the companies she already sends a number of screenshots of reactions from total strangers. Strangers who send her all kinds of messages on Facebook, Twitter and / or Instagram.

In her DM, or on her social media pages, and sometimes sweet, but above all unkind messages, and often even downright hateful. ‘You’re such an annoying cunt. I hope you get Ebola and die, you fucking whore ‘is quickly alternated with’ Poop voice, pfff. Provide ff dates when you are at Shownieuws. Can we watch something else. ‘

Humor and hearts

Marije herself responds to almost everything. With „thanks for your feedback. It’s annoying that you are annoyed by me ”, she replies, for example,“ but it’s great that you watched. ” And often with humor. “As soon as I have my timetable, I will try to pass it on. Enjoy the night. ” She signs with ‘love’, a kiss emoticon or a heart. The contrast could hardly be greater.

“I think that people who spread hatred see something in the other that they would like to have, or that they recognize a trait of themselves that they still have to deal with,” she muses aloud the phenomenon ‘haters on social media’. And that hatred goes far. For example, recently someone sent her almost the same message on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but then worded slightly differently. “Then I really think: what a trouble that person has taken to tell me in all kinds of ways that he thinks I’m stupid.”

Because whether it is criticism of her voice, hair, clothing (although there are certainly lovers), ‘her traits’ or whatever, it all comes down to the same in the end. Wanting to ram someone into the ground with a bang. Incidentally, it does not work, says the cheerful Amsterdam woman. No, “I don’t have to pity anyone, that’s why I’m not doing this either.”

‘Be myself’

Marije Knevel, formerly an outsider, as she describes it herself, someone who already stood out everywhere at the time, while she sometimes preferred to hide behind everything, including her own insecurity, does not care about all the hatred. She has come too far for that, she has overcome too much and above all: she is now who she is. “I dare to be myself and know that I do everything with the best of intentions. That gives so much peace of mind. ”

By the way, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t just be really bothered by her, she laughs. “I understand too. I have a special voice, my clothes are striking and of course you can just think of me as a stupid bitch. No problem, we are not all saints! ” Just be careful with what you throw into the world, she continues. “Let’s try to be something better for each other.”

Twitter hate

Certainly on Twitter, “what a game of hate there, it makes you feel bad”, the haters are always a certainty. Instead of ignoring them, Marije starts the conversation. ‘It’s annoying that you are annoyed by me’, she replies, for example, or ‘thanks for your feedback, and it’s great that you watched. Good evening.’ Often followed by a ‘love’ and even a heart. “It touches me that some people are in such a dark place that they want to put others down so hard. You can hardly go well when you experience so much hate, so I always have compassion and give extra love and a listening ear. ”

Hate vs love

It typifies her. Marije Knevel wants to fight hate with love, with hearts and attention as a weapon. And it still works regularly. “” Oh sorry, I don’t really want to be like that. I have deleted my reaction ”, she has already received several times. And „Apologies for my contribution, I will not do this anymore. Thanks for the mirror. ” She shared it all (with names crossed out) in her Insta stories. “I love those reactions!” And there was even someone who turned 180 degrees. “I love you and you have made me a new fan of you. Stay positive and fuck the rest. ” With a kiss emoticon behind it, for Marije Knevel.

What all this says about humans? Simple, “People are great!” she exclaims. “Most people achieve realization when you talk to them about it. With a little bit of attention, they feel heard and that can change a lot. ”

‘Super sweet’

She gets hundreds of DMs every day and fortunately she is also inundated with “lots of super sweet and nice responses.” Just from a father of two girls aged nine and eleven. She tries to find the message in her inbox and for the first time during the conversation there is a moment of silence on the other end of the line, „that’s what I mean, I can’t even find it again… But it was a father who wrote that his daughters really like me and I am their example of a strong woman… Stop it, I think. Yes, very sweet of course, but also a bit uncomfortable, you know. ” To quickly add: “but above all, super sweet.”

Who is…

One of the latest messages is from one Martijn. “He also wanted to spread love and say that he and his wife hope that I am the Mol, because they think I am the best candidate ..” Well, is she the Mol? Still for a moment on the other end of the line, and then her standard answer of the coming week / weeks (?) Almost machine, but with her striking voice. “I can’t say anything about that!”

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Marije Knevel fights haters with humor and hearts: ‘Oh sorry, they say’

Marije Knevel fights all online haters with humor and hearts
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