Marsha wants to get rid of smartphone with folding mobile: ‘This addiction does not make you happy’ | Tech

She stared at the mini-screen of her phone for nearly four hours a day, until Marsha Pinedo decided in late 2021 that enough was enough. The helm turned, her iPhone off. By 2022, she hopes to drastically reduce her internet use and inspire others to do the same. Already with success, because many share her wish, as it turns out on LinkedIn. “It’s time we took a closer look at our own behavior.”

Answering a continuous stream of notifications and googling the most random things: every time Marsha reached for her smartphone – just like the majority of adult Dutch people. “Whether you’re walking down the street or on public transport, so many people are staring at their smartphones. In fact, we always have it within reach”, says Marsha. “And we eagerly take advantage of that.”

Yet those daily, now completely normal street scenes are not the reason for her to drastically kick the habit. Her recent trip to Nepal did. “People are not busy with their phones there at all. I found that so refreshing. During conversations they look each other in the eye, children play outside en masse. They don’t care how others live their lives. There is so much wealth in contact there.”

“That really made the realization: we are addicted to something that doesn’t make us happy at all,” continues Marsha. Also herself. “I notice that I spend a lot of time on things that I actually find very unimportant. Out of boredom, I constantly pick up my phone, often not consciously.” Much to her own chagrin. “I just really don’t think it’s a nice feature.”

drug addiction

2022 will therefore be the year for Marsha to start rehab. “I decided for myself: I don’t want this anymore. I want to reduce my stimuli and be more in the moment.” Her last purchase of 2021 is an old-fashioned folding mobile phone and a duo SIM card, so that you can be reached on two phones on the same number. For the past week and a half, she has largely been using her mobile phone instead of her smartphone. That doesn’t mean she’s getting rid of her iPhone right now, though.

Marsha Pinedo’s flip phone. © Marsha Pinedo

“I’m not going to do it rigorously. I still have to figure out what works for me. The most important thing for me now is that I do not have internet access for a few hours a day, so I am not tempted. When I walk, go shopping or visit somewhere, I no longer have a smartphone with me. I can honestly say that it is a very different experience.” But in many areas it also takes some getting used to, she assures. “For example, if you want to park, but you can only do that digitally. I see it as a fun research.”

Even when Marsha is at home, her smartphone stays in the drawer as much as possible. “I answer my WhatsApp messages once a day. And I often do that via my laptop. That works well for me, because you pick it up less quickly. I also do e-mail and social media via my laptop. I have a goal, but don’t go overboard.”


To inspire others, Marsha shares her goal on LinkedIn. A post that she writes from behind her laptop. “Then, of course, there are immediately people who say that I am (again) on social media. But banning yourself is not the goal at all.” However, most of the comments under her post come from people who are excited about her project. “A lot of people recognize it. And that’s not surprising, because I think that the majority of adults, and perhaps children from the age of twelve, are addicted to their smartphone. It is time that we take a close look at our own behavior in all its vulnerability.”

Marsha says she is convinced that we too can create a society that is slightly more similar to that in Nepal. “That you sit at the dentist, and just look around you. Reconnecting with each other. Essentially, that’s what people need. You can’t tell me that someone likes it when everyone is on their phone. That still remains a bit sad and lonely.”

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Marsha wants to get rid of smartphone with folding mobile: ‘This addiction does not make you happy’ | Tech
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