Mattress brand Emma puts Maxime Meiland aside, call for boycott

Another brand ends its collaboration with (one of) de Meilandjes. Recently it was Hallmark, who took all Meiland cards from the store, now it is a mattress brand. Emma, ​​the brand, will immediately stop the collaboration with Maxime Meiland. Mother Erica made quite a few racist remarks about Muslim women and Islam. But now the same thing is happening again as with Hallmark: on social media people are calling for a boycott of Emma herself.

In her book Erica: the engine behind the Meilandjes Erica Meiland compares women in burqa to penguins and says headscarves are “not normal”. In addition, according to her, Islam brings “a lot of misery”. Martien Meiland has been known for some time that he votes for the PVV, he said when he was a guest at Farm Of Thirst.

Mattress brand Emma cancels collaboration with Maxime Meiland

In a statement on Instagram, the mattress brand Emma writes that they are an “international and diverse company” and that Erica’s statements are at odds with those values. “Since we don’t want to judge Maxime based on her mother’s views, we’ve given her the opportunity to respond publicly. To date, she has not responded to this.”

Maxime did say a while back that she supported her mother’s statements: “She especially thinks wearing a headscarf is madness. Which also makes sense because why does a woman have to hide her hair because men have a problem with their sexuality. In this way, the woman becomes the victim again.”

‘We don’t accept this’

For that reason it has been decided that Maxime will no longer promote the mattresses. “We do not accept that a group of people is judged on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic,” the mattress brand said on Monday.

The reality star has not yet commented on the end of the collaboration. SBS6, which broadcasts the series around the Meiland family, said last week that it did not want to comment on the riot.

Call for boycott

It’s all going wild on social media. That was also the case when Hallmark decided to end the partnership. Soon, people took to Twitter to call for a boycott of the brand. And now Meiland fans are saying they will never buy an Emma mattress again – if they ever intended to. Some people even send Emma an angry email, saying that the company “wants to shut up a person.”

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Another brand puts a Meilandje aside, another call for boycott

Mattress brand Emma puts Maxime Meiland aside, call for boycott
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