Mayor wants to introduce alcohol ban in Amsterdam parks

Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema is trying to introduce a ban on alcohol and laughing gas in parks in the Dutch capital, hoping to keep the park private.

Despite the rules of the coronavirus, many people gather in the sunshine

The intermittent bursts of weather that the Netherlands has enjoyed over the past few weeks have seen large numbers of people gather in all available public spaces to get the most out of the sun. Parks across the country are forced to evacuate crowds and close their gates to the general public. For example, in Vondelpark, the entrance has been closed at least four times in the last six weeks.

Municipalities sought to discourage people traveling to the city center to meet friends and family in the park. Instead, I asked him to find a place near his house to enjoy the warm weather. Some parks in the city are decorated with large circles of lawn to encourage the general public to interact in small groups and maintain the recommended distance of 1.5 meters.

Halsema wants alcohol ban to prevent party

However, these plans have not yet proven to be completely successful, so Harsema is looking for other ways to discourage young people and prevent parties from being held. If you anticipate a large crowd, you can not only close the public area, but also temporarily reclaim the designated area to prevent outdoor parties.

This rule means that the mayor can “prohibit the possession of alcoholic beverages, nitrous oxide and audio equipment in certain areas”. Harsema admits that people are already stuck indoors and lacks green space, hoping that the rules will no longer be left in a position where she will be forced to close the park. is.

Harsema can already introduce an alcohol ban in parts of the city, but the new rules mean she has the power to impose short-term restrictions at the last minute. Once this rule takes effect, the mayor will be granted these powers until 2022. Similar rules have already been introduced in Arnhem.

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Mayor wants to introduce alcohol ban in Amsterdam parks

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