Mayors demand clarity about events from the cabinet: ‘We want to know where we stand’ | Inland

Mayors want clarity about the conditions for events this summer as soon as possible. They made that clear to Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security this evening in the Security Council. The cabinet will make a decision on this tomorrow.

“It’s good news that things are going so well in terms of decrease in infections and increase in vaccination coverage that events are possible again this summer,” Security Council chairman Hubert Bruls said in a statement after the meeting. “From a health perspective, that’s good news.”

In order to properly organize public order and safety around events, the Security Council has given the minister ‘a few points for attention’. “What the Security Council finds especially important is that clarity is provided as soon as possible. Clarity for municipalities – what conditions are there for events in connection with permit applications – and for the organizers.”

Field labs

As soon as the cabinet has made a decision tomorrow, all municipalities want to know where they stand. “We will discuss this further on Monday in the Security Council,” says Bruls. “The capacity of the various emergency services and those involved must also be taken into account. The police, ambulance, GGD and those involved in security regions and municipalities, among others, have worked an enormous amount of hours during the corona crisis and they also deserve some rest in the coming months.”

The cabinet wanted to know from the mayors before Friday what their points of attention are in the field of enforcement and licensing. The results of the field labs, the access tests, the vaccination certificate and other rules were examined. Maximum numbers of visitors were also discussed.

In ravine

On Monday evening, the Security Council warned not to let go of the corona rules too quickly. “We are all in a bus that is speeding up on its way to a green valley. But we have to hit the brakes in time to prevent that bus from driving into a ravine just before the end,” said Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Security Council and mayor of Nijmegen.

He pointed out that the number of infections is now higher than in June last year. ,,We have to take that seriously, it’s not over yet. You don’t have to think about the need for stricter rules, even locally or regionally.”

According to the mayors, excesses include parties where far too many people gather. According to them, this does not only happen among young people, older people are also guilty of it. The chairmen of the security regions are also keeping a close eye on the situation at the European Football Championship, which starts next weekend. ,,We never get ahead of things, but if dozens of people watch TV together on the street, we have to enforce. Keeping your distance is really still very important,” the mayors said on Monday.

There has been no talk about large screens during the European Football Championship tonight, says a spokesperson for the Security Council. “That is on the agenda for Monday. First, municipalities want to know from the government what the general conditions are for permits, so that they can also make decisions about other events and festivals.

In the summer of 2017, on the Kerkplein in Ommen, spectators watched the final between the Netherlands and Denmark of the European Women’s Football Championship on large screens. © Hollandse Hoogte / ANP

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Mayors demand clarity about events from the cabinet: ‘We want to know where we stand’ | Inland
Source link Mayors demand clarity about events from the cabinet: ‘We want to know where we stand’ | Inland

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