‘Mental health of young people is essential’

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Higher education and secondary vocational education must take place physically again as soon as possible. The Dutch Psychiatric Association, together with student unions and educational institutions, pleaded for this in a letter to the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) on Wednesday. This is of great importance for the quality of education and the mental health of students, according to the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, the National Youth Council and the Universities of the Netherlands. Drawing attention to the mental health of young people is and remains important. This is what Koko Beers of the Brain Foundation says

Beer: ‘Mental health is related to the extent to which you have control over your life. How well you feel able to live the life you want to live and deal with events that come your way.’

According to Beers, the brain is in direct connection with the environment through our senses and needs stimuli to function. Which incentives these are depends on the environment in which you grow up. That environment therefore has a major influence on how we develop mentally. The input that the brain receives thus largely determines a person’s mental health. Mental problems often occur in people whose lives change drastically.

The corona time has a significant impact on some people when it comes to mental health. Some people have benefited a lot from it and others have suffered a lot from it’, says Beers. People who suffered from a hectic life full of stimuli and stress before corona may have experienced more peace and solidarity. For people who need incentives to develop, such as many young people, this corona period is a time when a lot was taken away from them and which can therefore have a depressing effect.’

‘Mental health of young people is essential’
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