Message service Sky ECC cracked, police arrests dozens of people

During a national police action, 75 house searches were carried out and thirty people were arrested, the National Prosecutor’s Office has announced. The police carried out the raids today in collaboration with the FIOD, after investigation services had managed to crack encrypted messages via the Sky ECC message service from various criminal organizations.

The raids took place as part of an international investigation called Argus. Dozens of house searches and arrests were also carried out in Belgium today.

Police actions in the Netherlands were in The Hague and Rotterdam, among others. 28 firearms have been seized in Rotterdam, says the OM. According to the OM, thousands of kilos of drugs were seized, drug labs dismantled and 43 people arrested in previous actions in the context of the same investigation.

Prevent serious crime

Since February of this year, investigative services have been able to monitor the messages that suspects sent via Sky ECC. As a result, “dozens of planned serious violent crimes, including kidnappings, liquidations and shootings,” said the National Prosecutor’s Office in a press release.

Investigative agencies and criminal organizations are in a game of cat and mouse when it comes to encrypted messages. Last year, the Encrochat service was cracked and taken offline. Criminals then switched to Sky ECC, says the OM. In the Netherlands, around 11,000 accounts would have been active up to now. The OM says that the Sky ECC server has been taken offline.

In previous years, investigative services also managed to crack the encryption services IronChat, PGP-SAFE and Ennetcom. Cracked messages from Ennetcom are now being used in the liquidation process of Marengo, where Ridouan Taghi is on trial.

Also in Antwerp

The Dutch and Belgian police cooperated in their actions. In Belgium, the focus of the raids was on Antwerp. 48 people were arrested there in 200 house searches, the Belgian Public Prosecution Service announced.

According to the prosecutor in Belgium, the investigative services currently have about one billion messages sent via Sky ECC. Half of them have been cracked. 80 million messages were intercepted in the Netherlands.

Message service Sky ECC cracked, police arrests dozens of people
Source link Message service Sky ECC cracked, police arrests dozens of people

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