Michael van Gerwen loses final to Gerwyn Price: ‘I’m the man in shape, then I have to make it happen’ | Sport

Premier League DartsMichael van Gerwen has already qualified for the Final Four of the Premier League Darts tonight in Sheffield during round 14 (of 16). The three-time world champion also looked to be on his way to victory in Sheffield, but lost in the final after leading 6-5 to Gerwyn Price 4-2.

De Brabander won 6-1 against Scotsman Peter Wright in his first match of the evening, who didn’t stand a chance against the three-time world champion. Van Gerwen thus secured his participation in the Final Four in Berlin on Monday, June 13. The next two Thursdays will still be played in London and Newcastle.

Van Gerwen then beat Michael Smith in the semifinals, who beat Jonny Clayton 6-5 after trailing 2-5.

Gerwyn Price previously qualified for the final by beating Joe Cullen 6-4. Van Gerwen then trailed 1-4 against Smith in his semi-final, but then defeated his English first namesake in an exciting match 6-5.

In the final Van Gerwen took a 4-2 lead, but Gerwyn Prince still took the win and with it the 10,000 pounds in Sheffield. Afterwards, Van Gerwen was especially disappointed with his three misses on double 12, with which he failed to take a 5-2 lead. ,,I should have led 5-2 in the final. I can get really mad at myself now, but it’s no different. I don’t think I could do much about that. They were all three tight on the wire, then you can’t blame yourself too much,” said Van Gerwen after the final at Viaplay.

Gerwyn Price.
Gerwyn Price. © ANP

,,Everyone always wants to beat me, but I think I played well. Michael Smith didn’t get a match like that against me either, because he might be a little impressed with me after all. The triple 20 didn’t run at all tonight, that really pisses me off. I have to take this one on my chin. I’d always rather have someone completely outclass me than lose this way. It’s just sour. I know I’m the man in shape and then I just have to deliver,” said Van Gerwen. Price came close to Peter Wright with his victory, with whom the Welshman can compete for the next two Thursdays in London and Newcastle for a ticket to Berlin.

,,I really don’t care who else goes to the Final Four. Jonny Clayton and I are going to Berlin, we’ll see the rest in the next two weeks.”

Matchday 14 in Sheffield
Wade – Cullen (automatic win Cullen)
Anderson – Price 4-6
Van Gerwen – Wright 6-1
Smith – Clayton 6-5

Cullen – Price 4-6
Van Gerwen – Smith 6-5

Final: Gerwyn Price beats Michael van Gerwen 6-5

Standings in Premier League Darts:
1. Jonny Clayton – 34 points (20 wins)
2. Michael van Gerwen – 31 points (19 wins)
3. James Wade – 25 points (15 wins)
4. Peter Wright – 20 points (11 wins)

5. Gerwyn Price – 18 points (10 wins)
6. Joe Cullen – 17 points (10 wins)
7. Michael Smith – 14 points (8 wins)
8. Gary Anderson – 9 points (5 wins)

Michael van Gerwen.
Michael van Gerwen. © ANP

Michael van Gerwen loses final to Gerwyn Price: ‘I’m the man in shape, then I have to make it happen’ | Sport
Source link Michael van Gerwen loses final to Gerwyn Price: ‘I’m the man in shape, then I have to make it happen’ | Sport

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