Military plane returns from Afghanistan without Dutch

The Pentagon reported that the military aircraft sent by the Dutch government to Kabul, Afghanistan to gather Dutch citizens and Afghan interpreters, departed without passengers.

Dutch failed evacuation mission

Over the weekend, the government confirmed that it was organizing the evacuation of Kabul-based Dutch and interpreters known to have worked with the Netherlands in the past. But so far, evacuation has not progressed as planned.

The first plane departed Hungary on Monday on behalf of all NATO countries, but failed to land in Kabul. The second plane from the Netherlands, Norway and Finland landed in Kabul on Tuesday, with only 40 passengers. Neither is believed to be Dutch or Afghan.

Two Dutch military aircraft departed from Eindhoven’s air force base on Tuesday morning, and another evacuation attempt is planned for Wednesday. The third plane departs from Eindhoven on Wednesday.

Chaotic scene at Kabul Airport

It is unknown why the plane was unable to recover the Dutch people. Many Dutch were rumored to have had difficulty arriving at the airport on Tuesday, and a Defense Ministry spokesman said the ability of citizens to arrive at the airport on time was greatly influenced by “field conditions.” Stated.

Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag also cited the “chaos” at Kabul Airport as the reason for the failure of the evacuation attempt, arguing that the U.S. military, which currently controls the airport, should spend more time on board. “There was a 30-minute time frame for people to get on the tarmac. Many people were standing at the airport gates. I hope the situation will improve tomorrow.”

Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld estimates that the Netherlands still has to bring dozens, or at least 300 interpreters and their families from Afghanistan. According to the Cabinet, there are still nine Dutch in Afghanistan, and Dutch embassy staff have already been evacuated by the US military, but Afghan embassy staff will remain in Kabul and will be evacuated to the Netherlands.

Kerg: The Dutch government misjudged the situation in Afghanistan

The Cabinet, especially Kerg, faces serious criticism from the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) Because the Taliban did not control the situation and evacuate Dutch citizens before taking control of Kabul. “It was too late and was rarely done. No one felt responsible and there was no urgency,” said Kati Piri, MP of the Dutch Labor Party (PvdA).

On Tuesday, Kerg admitted a failure among Dutch authorities who were too “naive” about the situation. “We didn’t see it coming, we misunderstood the situation,” Kerg said. “There are many lessons to learn.”

The House of Representatives is calling on the Netherlands to evacuate as many people as possible, including Afghan citizens who worked at the embassy or worked with Dutch journalists. Kerg evaluates the situation on a case-by-case basis and states that “priority is given to the most disastrous cases.”

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Military plane returns from Afghanistan without Dutch

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