Millions of TikTok fans mourn the sudden death of monkey George | Tech

The monkey George, popular on TikTok, died suddenly on Monday after a routine check-up at the vet. The 12-year-old primate suffered fatal health problems from the anesthetic. The animal’s nearly 18 million loyal followers are left in shock. “George brought some light to the past dark period.”

The 12-year-old capuchin made a furore on TikTok, especially with his videos about opening fanmail. The films are often cheerful in nature: a monkey screaming with joy that opens a box and curiously looks at the contents. en passant some advertising was done, as befits a real influencer. However, in the latest video on his account managed by his anonymous Texas owners, the “terrible news” of his death is announced.

“George went to the vet for a routine check on his teeth. During the check-up, complications arose from the anesthesia. It was the beginning of a long fight to stay alive.”

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Although the monkey was sent thousands of get well wishes, according to its owners, to no avail. “Georgie Boy passed away on June 7.” They describe the monkey as a bright spot in a dark (corona) time. “And though his merry life is now over, his spirit of hope and love lives on.”


George was taken into the family ten years ago, according to British media. After the family started posting the videos on social media, the monkey quickly became a hit. The videos have been viewed millions of times on TikTok. The farewell video has been seen more than 17 million times.

The monkey’s fans are sadly left behind. It’s raining messages on his social media accounts. “George, you could cheer everyone up and make them laugh when they were sad again. You were such a cute little animal,” one follower wrote. “Thank you for sharing George’s adventures. It made our lives much more fun. We will miss him,” wrote another. And someone else: “This is the worst news of the whole year.” Finally: ‘Nooo! My daughter and I always watched George!! I feel so bad!! OMG… this is so sad’.

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Millions of TikTok fans mourn the sudden death of monkey George | Tech
Source link Millions of TikTok fans mourn the sudden death of monkey George | Tech

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