Ministry contracts with labs for 175,000 PCR analyzes per day

The Ministry of Health has signed new agreements with laboratories to perform tens of thousands of PCR analyses. The number of PCR tests that the GGDs can perform daily in the corona test streets increases from 106,500 to 175,000.

This is apparent from budget documents that Minister Kuipers of Health has sent to the House of Representatives. The Ministry’s Testing Service confirms the capacity increase to the NOS.

The agreements with the labs are important to guarantee that sufficient testing can be done for the corona virus in the Netherlands. Until now, there was not enough capacity to meet the expected demand at the end of January.

The GGDs and the Ministry assume that 200,000 people a day will want to be tested due to the contagious omikron variant in two weeks. Now about 100,000 people do that every day.

41 euros per test

The costs of increasing the PCR analysis capacity for three months amount to a maximum of 252 million euros. Converted this means that one analysis costs the government about 41 euros. That amount is noticeably lower than the 50 euros that is paid under the previously concluded contracts.

Earlier this week, the NOS reported that the GGDs are entering into a contract with commercial test streets that are affiliated with Testing for Access. It is the intention that only rapid antigen tests will be taken here.

The rapid antigen test is generally less reliable than the PCR test. The result comes faster than with the PCR test, but the test is less sensitive, says the RIVM.

Both expanding the PCR analysis capacity and contracting the commercial test lines aim to be prepared for a growing demand for corona tests.

Ministry contracts with labs for 175,000 PCR analyzes per day
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