Mislead fewer stores with fake offers

According to the law, in the case of an ‘from-for’ price, the crossed-out ‘from-price’ must actually have been calculated prior to the offer. The supervisory authority of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets sets that period at 3 months. The Consumers’ Association therefore polled the prices of 100 stores for 3 months. It was examined whether the van price was actually requested in the previous period. At 16 of the 100 stores, this regularly turned out not to be the case. In 2019, 39 out of 100 stores did not comply with the law.


BCC, Beter Bed, Expert and Bax Music, among others, are guilty of deception. For example, Expert fools its customers with a fake discount on the Samsung QE50LS03TAS QLED – The Frame. This would be discounted from €1499 to €1199. But in reality, this television has been on sale for months for the lower price. And the device is still expensive. It is for sale at Kamera Express and Wehkamp for €895. A difference of more than €300. The 50% discount on the Silver Pocket Deluxe Foam mattress from Beter Bed also turns out to be fake. The so-called savings of hundreds of euros has been in effect for months. And in March 2021, the mattress was even cheaper.


Some chains, such as Expert and Otto, have also been identified as offenders in previous investigations. And then, as now, they came up with excuses to explain their price deception. Wehkamp, ​​also a notorious culprit, did not find any fake offers this time.

The Consumers’ Association will share the results of the investigation with the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets.

Mislead fewer stores with fake offers
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