Monique Westenberg confirms family vacation with André Hazes

Is there a new sound in the Hazes soap? Monique Westenberg (44), the ex-partner of singer André Hazes (28), may or may not be the ex-partner of singer André Hazes (28), published on her social media with a message. There she writes that the family is going on holiday together.

All the vicissitudes surrounding the young Hazes keep many Dutch people busy. The folk singer is the most discussed Dutch celebrity of the past year. Family quarrels, relationships and breakups or burnout. It was all over us. And yet every news about the singer still makes a lot of noise. By the way, we presented the joys and sorrows of André Hazes to us a while back Subwaypanel, which gave their critical opinion about it.

Monique Westenberg writes a message about family vacation

In the past year we met Sarah van Soelen and Anne Rose Zonneveld, who both found love happiness with Hazes and lost it again. Former partner Westenberg, with whom Hazes has a son, remained always present in the background.

Now she steps forward with a message about the family vacation. On her Instagram she writes about the hectic year they experienced. “Last year has been a rollercoaster for all of us. There is now peace, but due to external factors there is little opportunity to experience this together,” Westenberg writes. “To see what form we need as a family, we will be together in the coming weeks. The most important thing for us in this is that our son can spend time with both mom and dad in complete freedom where we can be ourselves together.” Westenberg places a photo of her and her son at Schiphol with the message. According to the infamous gossip channel of Yvonne Coldeweijer, the family resides in New York.

Rachel Hazes supports André Hazes

Mother Rachel Hazes criticized the relationship between Hazes and Westenberg for a long time. The age difference, among other things, caused a long family struggle. Last week Rachel told in the story that she will reconsider her opinion about it. “Of course I had conversations with André after their breakup about his relationship with Monique. And I have let him know that I will stand behind every decision of his,” said the Hazes mother. “If it were his decision to go back to Monique, he has my blessing. But I don’t feel like they’re getting back together.”

This probably does not mean the end of the Hazes soap. So let’s just say for now: to be continued…

Rachel Hazes responds to photo of thin André: ‘He is recovering’

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Hazes soap continues? Monique Westenberg confirms family vacation with André Hazes

Monique Westenberg confirms family vacation with André Hazes
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