More and more companies are faced with a shortage of staff

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More and more companies in the Netherlands are faced with a shortage of personnel. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), more than a quarter of the companies suffered from this at the beginning of this year. In the January measurement, almost one in seven entrepreneurs also said that they felt hampered by a shortage of means of production, material and space.

The statistical office, together with business organisations, the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) and the Economic Institute for Construction (EIB) checks every quarter how the sentiment is among companies. Thousands of entrepreneurs were surveyed for the study. The barrier they faced most in early 2022 was staff shortages.

In recent quarters, more and more companies are experiencing difficulties in finding sufficient suitable new workers. As the economy picks up, there are more and more vacancies to fill.

The group of companies that suffer from supply chain problems is also increasing. This concerned almost 14 percent of the respondents, whereas in a normal situation this is less than 3 percent. Within the car trade, the number of entrepreneurs hindered by this was relatively largest, at about 29 percent.

It is well known that car manufacturers are suffering a lot from the global chip shortage. This sometimes causes problems with the delivery of new cars. Global disruptions are also being felt in industry, wholesale and construction. These have arisen, for example, as a result of the strict corona policy in China. This confuses all kinds of transport flows.

Under the pressure of the last lockdown in the Netherlands, entrepreneurial confidence was lower across the board at the beginning of this year than in the previous quarter, after the mood indicator was still very high a quarter earlier. According to the researchers, the indicator has shown large fluctuations more often since the start of the pandemic. These are always related to the corona measures in force at the time.

For example, sentiment in the hospitality industry was very pessimistic at the last measurement. This is probably due to the fact that the research data was collected before January 25, when the corona measures were relaxed again.

More and more companies are faced with a shortage of staff
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