More than 129,000 positive tests in October

Photo: ANP

About 129,000 Dutch people tested positive for the corona virus in October. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) reported 129,131 new cases in 31 days. That is almost the same as in August (more than 75,000) and September (more than 62,000) combined.

On average, there were 4,166 positive tests per day in October, but that is not evenly distributed over the month. In the first seven days of October, RIVM registered an average of 2580 positive tests per day, and an average of 7088 in the last seven days.

October is the 21st month of the corona crisis in the Netherlands, which started when the first people tested positive in February last year, confirming that the coronavirus had also reached the Netherlands. With the 129,131 new cases, this October is in ninth place. In December last year, RIVM reported the highest number of new cases. There were then 273,443. In October 2020, 229,559 positive tests were added.

More than 129,000 positive tests in October
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