motorcycle and moped exams are resumed

It was announced on Tuesday that the number of postponed theoretical and practical exams at the CBR has now risen to more than 600,000. Although the CBR has been using measures to make up for this backlog since December, they now appear not to make enough difference. That is why the CBR will present a proposal for new measures at the beginning of March. If no additional measures are taken, the waiting times for practical exams will increase to at least twenty weeks, says Pechtold. Resuming the motorcycle and moped exams should already clear up some of the backlog.

New examiners

To increase the capacity of the CBR, Pechtold wants to recruit 100 new examiners in the near future. He is also considering having current examiners work overtime and using retired examiners. There is also interest in this, he says. Pechtold emphasizes that the measures will not affect the quality of the driving tests.

By: National Education Guide

motorcycle and moped exams are resumed
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