MPs displeased by expulsion of ambassadors

The House of Representatives reacted with dismay to President Erdogan’s announcement that ten ambassadors had to leave Turkey. Among the ten is also the Dutch ambassador. The ambassadors on Monday called on Turkey to release businessman and philanthropist Osman Kavala.

The European Court of Human Rights previously ordered his release, but he is still in prison. He is suspected of involvement in protests against Erdogan.

‘Dictator Erdogan’

According to VVD MP Brekelmans, “dictator Erdogan once again shows his true face”. The VVD member on Twitter calls the deportation of ten ambassadors a ridiculous act and a senseless escalation. He calls on the ten countries to continue to form one front.

His D66 colleague Sjoerdsma thinks it is “the world upside down” that Turkey is expelling the Dutch ambassador because she acted in line with the Court’s ruling.

According to PvdA MP Piri, Erdogan is “on a collision course”. She also thinks it is right that the Dutch ambassador to Turkey has called on the country to implement judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. “Now all 27 EU countries must rally behind this,” she tweeted.

Ministry has no confirmation yet

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it has taken note of Erdogan’s statements.

But the ministry has not yet received official confirmation that Turkey will expel the Dutch ambassador, a spokesperson emphasizes: “We are awaiting the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs about this matter”.

MPs displeased by expulsion of ambassadors
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