Much interest in restarting D-trips

The bankruptcy trustees in D-Reizen say that there is a lot of interest from parties in a restart of the company. They are starting talks tomorrow about how D-Travel can survive after bankruptcy earlier this week.

TUI is one of the interested parties. The travel company is a major creditor of D-travel. “We are in talks with the trustees,” said a company spokesperson. “As an intermediary, D-trips has sold a large number of TUI trips. We want to inform our customers as soon as possible and for this we need the data of those customers from the administration of D-trips. It is not illogical that in those talks also interest in the travel agents of D-travel is a topic of conversation. “

The parent company of TUI previously received billions in aid from the German government to get through the corona crisis. It is not known which other companies are interested in a restart.

285 travel agents

D-Reizen was declared bankrupt on Tuesday. Before the bankruptcy, the company employed more than 1,150 people at the 285 travel agencies in the Netherlands. The trustees have not yet said whether they are aiming for a restart of the entire organization or whether parts of the company are being attempted.

The company called the huge drop in the number of bookings due to the corona virus the main cause of the money shortage. In 2020, 90 percent fewer trips were sold than a year earlier. Help from the government voucher fund came too late, according to the company.

Letter to customers

The bankruptcy trustees have meanwhile published a letter on the company’s website for customers of D-Reizen. “We regret your situation and hope to provide you with clarity with this information”, the trustees write. The letter states, among other things, that customers with a voucher will be contacted by Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden. This foundation reimburses the vouchers issued by D-Reizen.

The bankruptcy trustees write that customers with a D-Reizen gift card are not included. Their credit expires. Customers with a gift card can file a claim and thus join the queue of creditors.

Much interest in restarting D-trips
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