Multiple injuries as four cars collide after truck overturns on A6

A road accident on the A6 injured several people Wednesday afternoon near Lemmer, Friesland. Traffic in the area began to dwindle after a truck carrying a trailer full of fruit overturned on a highway near Sint Nicolasga. Then, about 10 kilometers away, where authorities had diverted traffic, four passenger cars collided with each other in the ensuing traffic jam.

Police said, “Many people were seriously injured. According to the infrastructure agency Reichswaterstadt, the car crash occurred around 4:53 pm and dispatchers dispatched firefighters, paramedics and an ambulance to the scene. Police said the first responders were still there an hour later.

A truck loaded with oranges and watermelons overturned on the A6 at about 2:50 pm before rush hour, spilling some of the fruit onto the road when the trailer broke open and spilling oil and diesel fuel onto the road. rice field.

While the Rijkswaterstaat waited for cranes to lift the truck, part of the A6 was closed to allow salvage workers to do their job. Road and guardrail repairs were to begin after the truck was erected.

The injured accident occurred about two hours after the initial collision.A car accident caused debris to spread across the road. Police were still investigating what happened around 5:50 p.m.

“We expect the processing of both incidents to take up the rest of the night indeed. Until then, the diversions via Zwolle and via U34 remain active,” Rijkswaterstaat said. Multiple injuries as four cars collide after truck overturns on A6

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