Municipality of Amsterdam wins summary proceedings to close dark store Zapp

Flash deliverer Zapp must definitively close one of the six branches in the city, the Amsterdam court ruled on Tuesday in summary proceedings brought by the company. The municipality had closed the dark store because it caused nuisance in the area. According to the judge, the use of the property by Zapp is in violation of the zoning plan, which states that it is intended for a postal and telecommunications company or retail. “This statement indicates that the municipality has the instruments to protect the quality of life in residential areas,” says the Amsterdam alderman for spatial planning Marieke van Doorninck.

A flash delivery service delivers groceries ordered via an app. According to the court, this is not comparable to a postal service. For example, a postal service is not active all hours of the day. Nor is it a store, “because shoppers cannot enter and exit the dark store to physically choose and buy products themselves”. The judge also finds that the quality of life in the street where the dark store is located is coming under pressure as a result. For example, the many bicycle transport movements of the couriers and suppliers, the loading and unloading of the dark store and the parking of (moped) bicycles lead to unsafe traffic situations in the street where a primary school is also located,” the ruling reads.

“Dark stores are often located in neighborhoods, where they cause traffic nuisance and infringe on public space,” says Van Doorninck. “As a municipality, we have to take over control. We determine where they can settle and under what conditions. That policy will also affect existing dark stores. We see them in places where they cause nuisance and where we know: that is not a suitable place.”

Distribution centers

The alderman points to three distribution centers in the Amsterdam district of De Pijp, which were already informed last Friday that they had to close. These three locations, of speed cameras Getir, Zapp and Gorillas, are also not in accordance with the zoning plan, the municipality believes. The companies have not yet commented on the decision.

At the end of January, Amsterdam decided to put a stop to new branches of flash delivery companies. Rotterdam also decided to prohibit further expansion of these types of companies. Since mid-February, speed cameras in Utrecht have only been allowed to open a new location with a permit from the municipality. A dark store was previously closed in that city due to nuisance, says a spokesperson for the responsible alderman. The municipality of Rotterdam is also working on an adjusted zoning plan and says to “enforce where possible” for dark stores that cause nuisance.

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Municipality of Amsterdam wins summary proceedings to close dark store Zapp
Source link Municipality of Amsterdam wins summary proceedings to close dark store Zapp

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