‘Music offers relatives a lot of comfort’


‘My musician husband Peter was often asked to play at funerals. About five years ago I thought: can’t we do something about this together? Not much later, our company Memories Uitvaartmuziek was a fact.

“People come to us if they want live music at a funeral, we provide the right musicians. I am the contact person for the family and musicians, do the website and social media. Peter is mainly concerned with the implementation. In about 40 percent of the cases, he plays at the funeral himself.

“We received special requests last year, including for a brass band, a bagpipe band and a DJ with a saxophonist. Often people choose classical music. In fact, I find every question – ‘that was typical of my father’ – special.

“The music is for the deceased, but also for the bereaved. Live music does not take away the sadness, but can offer a lot of comfort. By looking for the right music together, you get very close to the families who are saying goodbye.

“Peter and I work well together. Sometimes private life and work get a bit mixed up because we work from home. That’s why we try not to talk about work over dinner. At the same time, music is not only work, but also a passion. We like to tell the children about it.”


‘It differs per month what comes in. We have a personal account and a business account together. Every month we deposit a fixed amount into the private account to cover our fixed costs. Peter earns an important part of this through his work as a musician.

“At the beginning of the corona crisis, we were very shocked when suddenly almost nothing came in. Peter’s work almost came to a standstill. He is a guitarist with Willeke Alberti and Elske DeWall, among others, and all their performances could not go on. He still taught online, but that wasn’t enough. The income from Memories Funeral Music is still too low to make ends meet.

“We have made significant cutbacks. Our three sons have gone from two sports to one sport per person and we have stopped their music lessons. We still do our shopping once a week – at Lidl instead of Albert Heijn – and then try not to buy the tasty ‘extras’.

“Fortunately, our operating expenses are not high. We have no permanent staff and no costs for commercial premises. Peter’s studio is a converted garage in our garden, which is separate from our house. This made us eligible for government support. We would not have been able to pay the mortgage without that support.”

‘Music offers relatives a lot of comfort’
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