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NAC closes the calendar year 2020 as number four in the first division. The gap on leader Cambuur is eleven points and number two Almere City has eight points more. Nick Olij, Thom Haye and Sydney van Hooijdonk receive the highest ratings on the year-end report. Roger Riera and Mario Bilate are disappointing.

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The fifteen players with the most playing minutes and the trainer are eligible for a rating between one and five stars.


Nick Olij ****
Was the first and for now only player with an expiring contract to renew his contract. With three years and a reportedly limited transfer fee. The reliable goalkeeper is indispensable in the promotional hunt.


Robin Schouten ***
Inconspicuously solid. Schouten’s version under Peter Hyballa, when he thundered over the right side like lightning speed, is barely visible this season.

Roger Riera **
Too many personal mistakes costing NAC points. Not last season’s Riera is nominated to leave. A shame, because last year a rock in the surf.

Colin Rösler ***
Badly hit by the corona virus. Variability trumps, has the potential to grow into a full-fledged man-farmer.

Moreno Rutten ***
Reliable. The best defender of all backs. Better on the right than on the left. Its open character suits the club.

Jethro Mashart ***
Never more than two games in a row at the kick-off. Modest on the ball, tactical and defensively porous. Must fear he will not get a new contract.

Roger Riera is against this season at NAC © BSR Agency


Thom Haye ****
A classy, ​​on and off the field. As a playmaker, he pulls all the strings just before the defense, does not shy away from the better executioner. The absolute boss. Haye deserves the podium of the premier league.

Lex Immers **
The high expectations have not yet fulfilled the routine infected with the corona virus. Has been walking on his gums for months. Nevertheless, the club management has the confidence that the unfit Immers will come out of his winter dip.

Dion Malone ***
The captain stands out more and more because he gives the ball to the opposing team just like that. Anonymous in midfield. Breaker Malone must bring more.

Lewis Fiorini ***
Higher in the pecking order than Yassine Azzagari. Trainer and players say highly about the Scottish youth international that thinks in footballing solutions.

Malone plays the last games in the back
Malone plays the last games in the back © BSR Agency


Nick Venema ***
A ropportunist where no level can be raised. Nevertheless good for four goals. The disadvantage is that he often overlooks a teammate, he lacks overview and the finesse for the small space.

Mario Bilate **
The exchange Finn Stokkers – Bilate turned out completely wrong for NAC. In 745 minutes, Stokkers scored six times on behalf of RKC, compared to one goal (from the dot) for Bilate in 557 minutes. In addition, Bilate is not the point of contact that NAC had hoped for.

Sydney van Hooijdonk ****
Top scorer with ten goals. With the right, with the left, with the head and from the dot: the confident Breda goalgetter is at home in all markets. Responsible for thirty percent of NAC goals. Don’t let anyone fool you.

Huseyin Dogan **
Slowly (definitively) disappears from view. In four of the last league matches without playing time. For both Dogan and NAC, a farewell with mutual consent comes as a call.

Mounir El Allouchi ***
Always useful, always a six and always useful to the trainer. One of the first to put Maurice Steijn on the form. Six assists to his name.

Venema, good for four goals
Venema, good for four goals © BSR Agency


Maurice Steijn **
Started strongly as a trainer by winning the first six games, but approached critically because the risk-free game does not suit NAC, where they prefer to see opportunistic football. As a technical manager not very happy with the recording of Immers, Malone, Bilate, Moïse Adiléhou, DJ Buffonge. Actually, only Rutten is a direct hit.

NAC end-of-year report: Olij, Haye and Van Hooijdonk standouts | NAC
Source link NAC end-of-year report: Olij, Haye and Van Hooijdonk standouts | NAC

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