Need a Sinterklaas poem? Write a nice poem with these tips

Do you have any fun plans for Christmas Eve, or are you actually dreading it? For many people, writing poems around the Sinterklaas celebration is cause for concern. Such a Sinterklaas poem, which costs many assistants quite a bit of effort. But don’t stress, we have a number of tips for you with which you can put a great poem on paper in no time.

Research by Loo van Eck shows that Utrecht residents and people from Overijssel have the most difficulty with poetry: four out of ten inhabitants of those provinces are not poetry champions. Zeeland and Flevolanders, on the other hand, finds it quite easy: only 18 and 17 percent of the people there say they find poetry difficult.

And for men under thirty, rhymeless holidays are music to their ears: 45 percent of them would ignore a poem. Among women under thirty, 32 percent would be satisfied with rhymeless holidays. Rhyming becomes popular again from the age of 50: around 20 percent of the women and 25 percent of the men are in favor of a rhymeless Sinterklaas celebration.

Tips for a good Sinterklaas poem

So many people have difficulty with it or prefer to ignore poems completely, but it is often just part of it. A poem is a regular fixture at many Sinterklaas celebrations. But how do you write a good one? We have a few tips for you.

Choose a subject

The most important step: decide what you are going to write your poem about. ‘About the receiver’, you may immediately think, but there are more options. If you don’t know the person very well, a personal poem can be quite difficult. For example, you can also choose an event of the recipient (a funny moment from your colleague, for example, or your nephew’s driving lessons). In addition, options for copying the Sinterklaas poem are the gift, a current event or a combination of subjects. One tip: don’t roast your poem. That is often not so nice (if it is unexpected).

Brainstorm around the topic

Now that you’ve chosen your topic, let’s say it’s about the person, the next step is to brainstorm. Think about this person and write down any words, events, or traits that come to mind. You can make a mind map, taking care not to form a judgment yet. Just write everything down, and don’t think ‘no, this is nothing’. Then you are braking yourself too much.

Choose your keywords and rhymes for the poem

Out of all the words you wrote down in the previous step, a few words rhyme with each other. You can already choose a few of those words to create a story. Suppose you write your poem for your sister, who cycles to school with her friends every day. Keywords that you can choose are: school, distance, flat tire, telephone, traffic, dark, bad weather, etc.

As soon as you know what you are going to write your poem about, you can think of what rhymes with each word. Distance and flat tire go well together. But also telephone and clean, for example: “On the bicycle often with the telephone in her hand, but she never cleans her room.” You can make it as crazy or appropriate as you want, like the rhymes below:

Think of a clue

How your poem ends may be more important than how it begins. Because of course you want the ending to stick and your poem to make an impression. If you think of the punch line first, you can work towards it nicely. For example, the punch line could be a hint as to what the gift is, or, if you’re describing a situation, its conclusion.

Choose a perspective for the Sinterklaas poem

How you write your letter depends entirely on who you are. Are you yourself, a Piet or just Sinterklaas himself? You can also create confusion by writing from someone else’s perspective. Also think about the form in which you write. The third (Saint was thinking…) or the first (I was thinking…).

These are just a few tips from the (free) booklet Anyone can write a poem. Can’t figure it out after this concise step-by-step plan? In the booklet you will find a total of 20 extensive tips. That way you should be able to come up with a good poem, we think.

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Need a Sinterklaas poem? Write a nice poem with these tips

Need a Sinterklaas poem? Write a nice poem with these tips
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