Netflix lags behind strong Wall Street | Financial

Coca-Cola gained more than 1 percent in market value. Thanks to vaccination campaigns and the relaxation of lockdown rules, the soft drink company sold more outside the home, for example in the catering industry or at events. Coca-Cola also raised expectations for the full year.

The American telecom group Verizon is also looking more positively at the rest of the year. Earnings will be higher than previously expected, the company said, as it ramps up mobile subscriptions as customers are lured into faster 5G services. Investors rewarded the results with almost 1 percent price gain.

Streaming service Netflix gained more subscribers than expected in the second quarter. But the outlook for the current quarter was disappointing, causing investors to drop the stock more than 3 percent. Harley-Davidson, in turn, lost more than 7 percent, despite increased motorcycle sales. United Airlines (plus 3.8 percent) announced in its quarterly update that ticket sales are picking up faster than initially thought. That means the company will post a pre-tax profit from the third quarter.

As in Europe, the main stock market indicators in the United States ended with clear gains. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 0.8 percent higher at 34,798.00 points. The broad S&P 500 also advanced 0.8 percent to 4358.69 points, while technology exchange Nasdaq rose 0.9 percent to 14,631.95 points. In addition, oil prices were clearly on the rise again, after a price decline earlier this week. And the price of bitcoin, which had previously fallen below $30,000, also showed recovery. The euro was worth $1.1799 around the closing bell in New York.

Pharmaceutical Johnson & Johnson (plus 0.6 percent) also came up with figures. The vaccine manufacturer was also in the news because of a proposal to settle the American opiate crisis. Opiates are strong painkillers. Together with three other companies, Johnson & Johnson wants to pay $26 billion to end claims from a series of US states and local governments about the addictive drugs. Whether the proposal will be enough to pay out remains to be seen. Many local authorities will have to agree to the proposal and some parties have already indicated that they do not want to do so.

Netflix lags behind strong Wall Street | Financial
Source link Netflix lags behind strong Wall Street | Financial

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