Netflix puts exciting trailer Dutch film Forever Rich online

Netflix today put the trailer online of a Dutch film that will run on the streaming service: Forever Rich. And judging by the trailer, it’s a blood-curdling movie.

Forever Rich already has all the ingredients to become an online Netflix hit: rock-solid acting, crime and action. With series like Undercover and Mocro Mafia (to be seen on Videoland) in the back of our minds it can hardly be otherwise or at least the Dutch public will be directly in front of the tube when the release on October 1st.

Drama movie

The Dutch drama film on Netflix is ​​about Richie (Jonas Smulders). Richie is an up and coming rapper who knows his goal in life: to become rich and famous. His most famous feature is his very expensive watch. It’s going in the right direction; Richie is about to become the most famous rapper in the Netherlands, earns tons of money and his hits are all a success.

Until he has to go to an important performance and he falls victim to a group of armed robbers who rob him of that watch. The theft is filmed. Richie starts his race against time to find the perpetrators of the watch theft as quickly as possible so that he can get his watch back. Otherwise, the young artist could lose everything he worked so hard for in one night…

Forever Rich

Forever Rich will be available on Netflix from October 1. In addition to Jonas Smulders, Daniel Kolf, Sinem Kavus and Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing also star in the film. Hadewych Minis and Mustafa Duygulu will also be featured in the film. It is the first official Dutch Netflix Original film. The film is directed by Golden Calf winner Shady El Hamus, who previously directed the film The Libya directed. The script was written by Jeroen Scholten van Aschat, who also The Libya wrote.

“The shared ambition is to tell a story that reflects on this time and knows how to entertain as well as to enrich it,” Shady El-Hamus told May last year. The Gelderlander. “The trust we get from Netflix is ​​very motivating. Moreover, this collaboration gives us the opportunity to make a film for a large and worldwide audience. A dream come true.”

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Netflix puts exciting trailer Dutch film Forever Rich online

Netflix puts exciting trailer Dutch film Forever Rich online
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