Never again a hangover? Pill that should prevent that on the market

It’s every party animal’s dream: no more hangovers after a night out. Some swear by ORS powder or other miracle cures, but now there is another solution. An anti-hangover pill has come on the market that should prevent nausea and headaches after drinking. Still, many experts are skeptical.

It is a supplement of the Swedish brand Myrkl that has gone on sale in the United Kingdom. The pill would break down about 70 percent of the alcohol after one hour. This means that if someone drinks 1 liter of beer, after one hour there will not be about 50 milliliters of alcohol in the bloodstream, but ‘only’ 15 milliliters of alcohol.

The manufacturer says that the pill fights a hangover by activating various good bacteria, an amino acid and vitamin B12 in the intestines. This means that the alcohol is broken down faster, even before it reaches the liver.

Take two tablets

Actually, the pill consists of two types of tablets. One tablet should be taken by the user about 12 hours before drinking. The other tablet is swallowed by the user 1 hour before the first alcoholic drink. The product is therefore not suitable for drinkers who only decide to become kitten lamb on the evening itself.

And yes, of course it has a high ‘we from toilet duck’ content, but researchers from the manufacturer itself published a study last month which – according to them – really showed that taking the tablets before drinking the alcohol concentration in the body decreases. Within half an hour it is about half the alcohol. And after one hour it is almost three quarters.

Is the product really effective against a hangover?

It may sound too good to be true for the heavy drinkers among us. Are the pills really as effective as the manufacturer claims? Several UK media outlets asked experts to shed some light on the hangover cure. And unfortunately, not everyone is equally convinced.

For example, Sally Adams, associate professor of the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham, says there are no products that prevent or cure a hangover. That’s because a lot of factors cause a hangover at the same time, she tells Euronews. “It’s dehydration; headache; irritation of stomach and small intestine, and so on. These are too complex processes to be able to solve with one product.”

Lots of skeptical reactions

The Dutch researcher Joris Verster of Utrecht University is also sceptical. He says there is little scientific evidence that the product is effective against hangovers. He also questions the manufacturer’s own research. “It only concerns the acute effects that are observed immediately after consuming just one glass of vodka.” According to him, it is clearly a dietary supplement, not a drug.

Other experts see slightly more possibilities in the tablets. Although they say that supplements cannot possibly speed up the breakdown of alcohol in the body, they can slow down the absorption of alcohol. But for that you would actually have to take supplements much earlier than 12 hours.

Pill against hangover would actually lead to more drinking

There is another criticism of the hangover tablets. Some fear that it actually leads to drinking more alcohol. For example, it can encourage people with a drinking problem to drink even more or encourage moderate drinkers to drink more often.

“It can lead people to misuse the pill as an excuse: to drink the next morning without suffering the consequences. Ultimately, a hangover is your body’s response to drinking more alcohol than your body can handle,” said Martin Preston, a drug addict owner.

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Never again a hangover? Pill that should prevent that on the market

Never again a hangover? Pill that should prevent that on the market
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