New measuring method shows ‘women’s heart’ more accurately

Danielle Keulards, a researcher employed by the Catharina Hospital, obtained her PhD last week on this new measurement method at TU/e. The method she co-developed is now being used in a number of large heart centers in the Netherlands and abroad.

capillaries in the heart

The ‘women’s heart’ is in the spotlight. In recent years it has been recognized worldwide in the cardiological world that chest pain can be caused not only by the clogging of the larger coronary arteries, but also by increased resistance in the capillaries in the heart. This is called microvascular disease. “We often talk about ‘the woman’s heart’”, explains Keulards: “because more women are affected by this.”

Treat with drugs

Still, some nuance is needed; although capillary disease is somewhat more common in women, men can also suffer from it. About 40% were male in the study. Keulards: “Fortunately, microvascular disease has a much better prognosis than the blockage of the large coronary arteries, and we can treat patients with medication to reduce the symptoms. It is important, however, to take unexplained chest pain seriously, in women and men, and to take measurements of the capillaries if necessary.”

New measuring method shows ‘women’s heart’ more accurately
Source link New measuring method shows ‘women’s heart’ more accurately

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