New this week on Netflix: Cheer, Archive 81 and Spider-Man Homecoming | show

viewing tipsNetflix announces new movies and series every week. In this column we write about the fresh offer that will appear on Netflix this week.


After Life – season 3

The drama series After Life, created by Ricky Gervais, comes to an end this week with the arrival of season 3. In these final episodes, we dive back into the life of local journalist Tony (Gervais), who after the death of his wife adopts a mentality in which nothing can stop him. cares more and thereby insults others to the point. His warm, human side also gets more and more space and despite all the misery, he also builds new friendships.

cheers – season 2

The docu-series cheers, which follows a group of cheerleaders at Navarro College in Corsicana, was a surprise Netflix hit in 2020. Season 2 sees Coach Monica Aldama once again helping her squad, privately and on the pitch. There is also attention for the child abuse case surrounding sportsman Jerry Harris from season 1. He admitted that he sent underage boys suggestive sexually explicit messages.

Archive 81 – season 1

The Mysterious Miniseries Archive 81, produced by The Conjuring director James Wan, centers on archivist Dan Turner. He is allowed to restore a series of damaged video tapes from 1994 and comes across the work of the missing documentary maker Melody. He becomes involved in her investigation of a demonic cult and embarks on a dangerous journey of discovery.


The House

The dark comedy The House is a stop-motion collection of three different stories, directed by three different directors. What do the quirky stories have in common? They all take place in and around the same mysterious house. With voices by Matthew Goode, Miranda Richardson and Helena Bonham Carter, among others.


Alyssa Milano plays a well-known writer who discovers that her sister, an SM webcam girl, has been murdered. She investigates herself and hooks up with her neighbor, who is a police officer and is assigned to the case. This thriller is based on the novel by bestselling author Nora Roberts.

Spider Man: Homecoming

A very small saving grace for those who Spider Man: No Way Home just missed for the most recent cinema closure: Homecoming, the first solo film by Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, has been on Netflix (again) since this week. It shows the inexperienced Peter Parker trying to stand on his own superhero legs for the first time after he gets a new costume from Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). He takes on the shady arms dealer Vulture (Michael Keaton), but things quickly go awry.

These movies and series also appeared on Netflix this week:

New this week on Netflix: Cheer, Archive 81 and Spider-Man Homecoming | show
Source link New this week on Netflix: Cheer, Archive 81 and Spider-Man Homecoming | show

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