New tram lines to Hague, Voorburg, Ruiswijk and Delft agreed

The Hague Gems Authority has agreed a new tram line from The Hague to Voorburg, Ruiswijk and Delft. A tram line should improve access to the area between Binkhorst and The Hague Central Station, Holland Spool Station and Laan van NOI Station. The tram is scheduled to start operating in 2030.

The new tram line will run from The Hague Central Station via Binkholstrand and Maanweg to Voorburg Station. and from Binkholstrand via Duchess Marianne Lahn and Geestburgweg to Rijswijk and Delft.

They also voted in favor of measures to make the area a great place to live, work and relax. These measures are necessary because an additional 35,000 housing units are being built in the area between Binkhorst and He three intercity stations (Central Innovation). District, CID). Trams and additional measures will make these areas more accessible and livable for all who live and work there.

Gemente, regional partners and the Dutch state will invest a total of €575 million in new tram lines and measures.

Additional funds will be spent on sustainable and clean transport in Binkhorst, Voorburg West and Rijswijk. More space is reserved for pedestrians, cyclists and shared mobility. And fewer cars, better traffic flow and safer.

The municipalities of Reiswijk and Reischendam Voorburg had already agreed to the plan. Hague also agreed, so Gementes can work further on the plan. He does this in partnership with residents and businesses. New tram lines to Hague, Voorburg, Ruiswijk and Delft agreed

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