Nintendo thinks it will sell even fewer Switches due to chip shortage

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Nintendo thinks it will be able to sell fewer Switch consoles due to the persistent chip shortage. It is the second time in a short time that the Japanese game console company lowered its sales forecast for the Switch.

Some 23 million copies are expected to be sold in Nintendo’s fiscal year ending at the end of March. Previously, the company counted on 24 million Switches sold and until the beginning of November, Nintendo foresaw 25.5 million devices to be sold.

The company appears to be especially struggling to ramp up production of its new OLED Switch. That model with an improved screen, among other things, came on the market in the autumn, but it has recently been noticed that it was sometimes barely available at stores. Nintendo probably would have wanted to supply more, but was unable to.

Nevertheless, the past period went relatively well with Nintendo’s results. Although profits this financial year have been slightly lower than in the very successful previous year for the company, they were still well above analysts’ expectations. The Japanese managed to sell a lot of games during the holiday season. The games of the popular Pokémon series, among others, did well. In light of these successes, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has boosted the company’s profit forecast for the current fiscal year.

Game console manufacturers have actually struggled with chip deliveries since the start of the corona pandemic. That’s also because the demand for consoles has picked up considerably. During the lockdowns, many people worldwide were at home and gaming became a welcome form of entertainment for many in the gloomy corona time.

Nintendo’s rival Sony said earlier this week that the chip shortage means it won’t be able to make as many next-generation PlayStation consoles as it would like. The company has also lowered the expected sales figures for its game console. The PlayStation 5 has been scarce since its debut in November 2020. It was previously announced that Sony will continue to make its predecessor, the PlayStation 4, this year.

Nintendo thinks it will sell even fewer Switches due to chip shortage
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