Nitrous oxide: ban or permit? | Look at news

Visitors to are given the opportunity to judge the measure “Nitrous oxide should only be sold by responsible sellers with a license”. The assessments can then be compared with the opinions of a panel of experts. Drugs Dialogue bundles all assessments and arguments and then enters into dialogue with the local and national government. In this way, DrugsDialoog wants to ensure that the opinions on the platform are involved in Dutch drug policy. The measure about laughing gas can be found via or via the direct link …


Wim Scholten (consultant) thinks that “it is better to properly regulate the trade in laughing gas. A ban on nitrous oxide entails underground trade and that in turn entails crime. This in turn requires extra police efforts, but the question is where the capacity for this should come from. The police are already overloaded anyway. ” According to Tom Blickman (senior project officer, Transnational Institute), “a ban will depress trade in clandestinity, making users more likely to come into contact with other harmful agents.” Michelle Bruijn (researcher, University of Groningen) believes that “regulation ensures that information, age, marketing, sales, quality, etc.” can be controlled. And Gjalt-Jorn Peters (lecturer, Open University) thinks that “if sales are regulated, there can be a deposit system for nitrous oxide cartridges, so that they no longer end up on the street and in nature”.

Every month publishes a new measure for assessment. Supporters and opponents of the current drug policy are invited to assess this measure on the basis of five criteria: public health, crime, economy, environment and the image of the Netherlands abroad. A permanent panel of drug policy experts is part of the platform. Participants can compare their own opinion with the opinion of the expert panel, delve into other people’s arguments and possibly revise their opinion based on this.

Nitrous oxide: ban or permit? | Look at news
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