No coke, but a kitchen for Najib Amhali | Entertainment

He had just ordered a kitchen with his wife when the crisis hit. “I said: let’s wait a while. But no, that kitchen had and would come. So it will be delivered soon. ” However, he does not have much trouble with it. Relative: “Anyway, you only live once. It makes a difference that I no longer have to pay for that coke. Otherwise, the whole kitchen would have disappeared in my nose for a long time, haha. ”

Although he jokes about it, it is also clear to him that the corona crisis could just have been a relapse into his old cocaine addiction. “But the strange thing was that I also immediately felt: this is not going to happen to me. It was really not possible, because I had no work and was sometimes down: if I had started using coke again, I would have been back to square one and I honestly don’t know if I would have gotten off it again. ”

Moreover, the comedian does not know how he should have paid it. “The bills kept coming when not a cent came in. Yeah, a little bit of money from those TV things, but that’s a pittance of what I made before. But don’t worry: I don’t have to hold up my hand just yet. ”

The comedian earns ‘that little bit of money’ for his odd jobs on TV, such as with SBS6’s Who of the Three of which a new season starts this week. He thinks it is’ if I am very honest ‘, also testify to’ creative poverty that the TV game from the sixties is being broadcast again and says that he himself has already put forward various other program ideas. But: “They are not interested. Which doesn’t stop me from thinking things up – if it doesn’t fit within the broadcasting system, it will fit on a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon. ” In addition, two of his films are coming, he announces.

No coke, but a kitchen for Najib Amhali | Entertainment
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