Not all amusement parks open their doors immediately on Wednesday

After five months of lockdown, the amusement parks and zoos can reopen on Wednesday. But a number of these so-called transfer locations say they need a little longer to receive visitors again.

“We are happy that it is possible again, but Wednesday is too short a day”, says a spokesman for Walibi Holland. The amusement park in Biddinghuizen expects to open its doors again on Friday 21 May. “There must be enough employees, we are now going to schedule them.”

Amusement park Duinrell opens a day later. “We need time for all internal preparations,” says the information officer. The Tiki Pool is an indoor location and will therefore remain closed for the time being. The outdoor pool is open in good weather.

‘Dots on the i’

The Efteling will receive a public again from Wednesday. Here too, indoor attractions such as the Droomvlucht will remain closed. Roller coaster the Python, for example, is accessible, because it is in the open air. “There are still some finishing touches, but otherwise we are ready.”

An indoor flow location may allow one visitor per 10 square meters. So there is a limited number of tickets. That is why it is advisable to book in advance, both at amusement parks and zoos.


“We will all open again on Wednesday,” said a spokesman for the Dutch Zoo Association. The thirteen largest zoos are affiliated to this association. Some zoos are only open to season ticket holders for the first few days.

The libraries may also reopen from Thursday 20 May. It is best to find out whether the library in your area also meets that date on the website of that location.

‘All hands on deck’

County libraries in Zutphen, for example, will not open until Tuesday, May 25. “Logistics is now all hands on deck,” said a spokesman. In the original planning, libraries would not be used until a later stage. Last week it became clear that the cabinet thinks the time is right to open these indoor flow locations.

“We heard about the relaxation late on Thursday evening. But there are people on vacation, so things are not going that fast,” continues the spokesperson for the library in Zutphen. This library is currently open by appointment in the morning to vulnerable people.

Some libraries are pleased to announce via social media that they will reopen on Thursday:

Not all amusement parks open their doors immediately on Wednesday
Source link Not all amusement parks open their doors immediately on Wednesday

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