Nothing to do on an autumn day? We give you 8 tips!

The temperature drops, here and there a shower and the landscape changes. And that means: fall! Maybe you’re having trouble coming up with something fun to do, and you want something other than a walk or to the movies. That’s why we’ve listed eight creative activities for you that are perfect for the fall.

Eight activities: from a full day trip to an hour-long activity. Have fun!

1. Bring autumn into your home

Go to a nice accessories store (Xenos, Hema, Søstene Grene, etc.) and bring autumn into your home. For example, create an autumn table with the colors orange, brown and red. Pick up chestnuts and colored leaves to dry, then add them to the fall table to create a cozy ensemble. This way you can enjoy the autumn not only outside, but also inside.

2. Games cafe

This is an ideal activity when it is ‘autumn’ outside. You will find a game cafe in every city or village, just google it. In a games cafe you can let your competitive character come out while enjoying a hot drink, or a drink that makes you warm…

3. Movie house

Just a little bit different than going to the Pathé or Vue: a movie house. They play contemporary film art and classics in a film house. A movie house is generally a bit smaller, which creates an intimate atmosphere. Moreover, the contemporary films provide a different film experience.

4. Make a photo album from last summer

You must have taken a lot of photos this past summer. And what’s more fun than all those photos together in a photo album. So you can relive your summer every time.

5. Make a Chai Latte and bake it

An ultimate autumn drink: the Chai Latte. You will be surprised how many herbs are in the drink. A trip to the supermarket is necessary for most. Bake something with the drink, such as a carrot cake, banana bread or pepernoten. This way you really bring the autumn feeling ‘inside’.

6. Go to a pumpkin farm

Of course, this activity cannot be missed this fall. All over the country there are people who grow pumpkins and in some places there are even ‘pumpkin farms’. Come by and harvest your own pumpkin. Put them in front of the door so you can say to everyone who comes in, “I harvested myself.”

7. Go to the IJ halls or another cycle

The IJ-Hallen is the place to be if you like a good atmosphere, vintage clothing and great prices. De Hallen are located in Amsterdam-Noord on the NDSM site. The event takes place over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Buy a ticket on time via the site. The IJ-Hallen will take place for three more weekends this year, you can see which one here.

8. Create a vision board

Go to Pinterest and determine, for example, what you want to radiate in the coming period (in your home). Make a board and add all the photos you think fit. Then save all the photos individually and merge them into one large photo. A tip is to do this in Powerpoint. In PowerPoint you can easily load all photos and place them anywhere. Take a screenshot when all the photos are in the right place and use it as the background of your laptop so that you are reminded of it every time.

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Nothing to do on an autumn day? We give you 8 tips!

Nothing to do on an autumn day? We give you 8 tips!
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