NPO chairman Shula Rijxman wants a climate news report | TV

It is not yet clear who will present the ‘doom news’ – according to critical social media users, but it is clear that Shula Rijxman wants such a bulletin to be regularly broadcast on television. That is what the chairman of the board of directors of the NPO said at the Cross Media Congress in Amsterdam. With a regularly recurring program, Rijxman hopes that the subject of sustainability and climate will receive structural attention. This does not necessarily have to be daily, emphasizes the NPO.


According to Rijxman, the program should not only describe how the climate is under pressure, but also reveal the truths and untruths about it. According to the chairman, fake news and non-factual investigations in particular are now receiving too much attention. She wants to make sure that matters are discussed from both sides.

Rijxman realizes that the NPO is not allowed to say anything about the content of programmes, but according to her the theme is so important that it deserves structural attention. “Informing is an important task of the NPO,” said the chairman. According to her, the climate news must be produced by broadcasting associations or by the NOS.

It has never been shown after the Sinterklaas and Liberation News that a news bulletin was about one recurring topic. The first suggestions for presentation are made on social media: Helga van Leur, Dieuwertje Blok and Piet Paulusma are names that come up. One Twitter user jokes: ,,How are we supposed to see that? A 55-year-old man was hit by a motorist on a bicycle yesterday, who then took off at great speed. Climate experts have indicated that this is due to global warming.”

NPO chairman Shula Rijxman wants a climate news report | TV
Source link NPO chairman Shula Rijxman wants a climate news report | TV

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