Number of COVID patients admitted decreased by 135

738 in the IC, 1,607 in the clinic

Of these, 738 are in the ICU, a decrease of 10 patients. Of the COVID patients there are 1,607 in the clinic, 125 patients less than yesterday. Yesterday 16 supraregional movements were realized with the use of the LCPS, 4 of which were IC, ‘according to the LCPS.

New recordings

Today 249 new COVID patients have been admitted to Dutch hospitals, 35 fewer than the previous day. Of these, 40 were admitted to the ICU, 11 more than yesterday and 209 in the clinic, 46 less than yesterday. Today the number of new admissions to the ICU is higher than the weekly average, the clinic is just below that.

Occupation Intensive Care Unit

The total occupancy has increased by 23 to 1,215 beds. There are now 738 COVID patients in the ICU, 10 fewer than yesterday and 477 non-COVID patients, 33 more than the previous day. The COVID occupancy in the IC shows a slight downward trend, but remains high. Regular healthcare is still under pressure.

Clinic occupation

The total occupancy has decreased by 195 to 13,400 beds. There are now 1,607 COVID patients in the clinic, 125 fewer than yesterday. The COVID occupation in the clinic shows a significant decrease today.


The average number of new admissions is lower this week for both the IC and the clinic. According to forecasts by the LCPS, total hospital occupancy will slowly decline further in the coming period.

Number of COVID patients admitted decreased by 135
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