Ocean Race continues after a great week in The Hague

The Ocean race stopover in The Hague was a great success. Tropical temperatures and especially very good winds guarantee a great week in Scheveningen. Ideal conditions for teams participating in the toughest sailing races in the world. Just under 130,000 enthusiastic race fans visited the Ocean Live Park at Erste and Tweed Haven in Scheveningen this week.

On Thursday afternoon the racing boats set sail again for the final leg to Genoa. Unfortunately, 15 minutes after the start, class leader 11th Hour Racing’s IMOCA boat was hit by Team Guillot. Both boats were severely damaged and had to return to port.

Fortunately, there were no injuries in this collision. Team Guyot captain Benjamin Dutroux pleaded guilty. “The boats for the 11-hour race appeared in front of us and it was impossible to avoid contact.

Tournament director Gerd-Jan Portmann looked back proudly on his week at Scheveningen, although the accident clearly affected him. “The Hague issued a great business card for sailing in Holland,” he said of the “Caribbean situation.” It was warm, but great sailing weather. We have seen the most beautiful harbor races of all ocean races here off The Hague. ”

The sailing conditions during the call at The Hague were described by experts as ‘peculiar’. On Wednesday, strong northeasterly winds even allowed her spectacular IMOCA to sail in foil. Riding the wind, it sailed at a speed of about 30 knots and about 60 kilometers per hour. ”

(Photo: Ocean Race / Sailing Energy)

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/06/16/the-ocean-race-sails-on-after-a-wonderful-week-in-the-hague Ocean Race continues after a great week in The Hague

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