Officer who accidentally shot toddler Mawda (2) on appeal | Abroad

The Belgian police officer who accidentally shot 2-year-old Iraqi-Kurdish toddler Mawda while chasing a van, is appealing his suspended sentence. The judge ruled that the man did not act on purpose but found him guilty. The cop wants an acquittal.

On the night of 16-17 May 2018, Mawda Shari and her family were in a delivery van used to transport a group of Kurdish refugees to Great Britain. During a police chase on the E42 highway, the officer shot the van. The toddler was hit in the process.

According to the court, the officer accidentally fired the fatal shot, but he did wrong in using his weapon when he tried to force the fleeing van to stop. That led to the girl’s death.

Involuntary homicide

The officer was sentenced to a one-year suspended sentence and a fine for “involuntary manslaughter” last month.

The 2-year-old Mawda Shari. © private image

His lawyer Laurent Kenns confirms that the agent is appealing. “We have pleaded for acquittal and suspension of the verdict and that is not what the court has decided,” Kennes said. “After deliberation, we decided to appeal. This means that the process starts over from scratch. ”

Shoot a leak

The policeman stated during the trial that he had neither seen the child nor knew she was in the van. He allegedly fired in the direction of the front wheel with the intention of puncturing the tire.

The court found that explanation plausible and ruled that the officer did not want Mawda’s death. He has been careless when using his weapon. “He should have known there was a risk of people getting hurt.”

Mawda's parents.
Mawda’s parents. © EPA

No respect

The driver of the van was sentenced to four years in prison. “He had no respect for the authorities and persisted, even when the van’s occupants begged him to stop,” the judge said. A second suspect, who was accompanied in the van, was released due to lack of evidence.

Mawda’s parents have now received a permanent residence permit in Belgium. “The driver of the van is responsible because he kept driving,” said father Ali Shamdin (25) earlier in an interview in the Belgian newspaper. The morning.

“But the police should never have fired. Certainly not after we showed them that there were children and women on board. An agent must be able to respond appropriately at such times. If necessary, the police could have followed the van until it ran out of petrol. ”

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Officer who accidentally shot toddler Mawda (2) on appeal | Abroad
Source link Officer who accidentally shot toddler Mawda (2) on appeal | Abroad

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