OG3NE releases new single: ‘That’s you’ | Show

The Vol sisters, better known as the talented trio OG3NE, are releasing a new single today. The song ‘That is you’ is, according to the singers, a ‘sweet, tender song about a big question in life’.

“Are loved ones who are no longer with us somehow? And if so in what way? Many people who have faced loss regularly wonder about this and wait for that one sign. Some find it and for others it remains an open question. Listen, close your eyes and feel the influences of the nature around you … Maybe there is more to it than you think, ” said Lisa, Amy and Shelley.

The song was created during a special writing camp where OG3NE co-wrote several songs. “We wanted to make music with lyrics and subjects that are close to ourselves and we succeeded. Despite the cancellation of the Sweet Harmony Tour and the cancellation of many gigs, we keep making plans. ”

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OG3NE releases new single: ‘That’s you’ | Show
Source link OG3NE releases new single: ‘That’s you’ | Show

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