OM: motorcycle officer Arno deliberately killed by truck driver

‘Deliberately killed’

Due to the investigation, the Public Prosecution Service has been reluctant to report on the case until today. ‘That is why the Public Prosecution Service focused on this extremely serious case on the first day of session: Arno was deliberately killed while on duty. The incident had a huge impact on his family, friends, the police and society as a whole.”

Camera images of collision on Wednesday 7 July

The camera images show that Arno is driving his motorcycle next to the suspect’s truck. He gives him a trailing sign and then drives ahead of him. After about 200 meters both enter the exit lane. It can be seen that the suspect then, instead of slowing down, suddenly steers his truck to the left and hits the victim with undiminished speed. The victim falls, after which the suspect drives over him and the motorcycle. The body of the motorcycle cop is dragged hundreds of meters.

The suspect could have braked in time

The technical investigation revealed that the suspect was driving 44 km/h shortly before the collision and that his speed had been increased to 45 km/h at the time of the collision. The investigation also showed that if the suspect had braked at 44 km/h instead of accelerating, the collision could have been prevented.

Preliminary Summons

The Public Prosecution Service currently suspects the suspect of manslaughter and leaving the scene of the accident. The investigation has not yet been completed and therefore this is a preliminary suspicion. The police team is still investigating whether there is premeditation. Evidence on this point has been found, but is still under investigation. Among other things, witnesses must be heard.

Research in Pieter Baan Center

The court has decided that the suspect will remain in custody for the time being and must be examined in the Pieter Baan Center. The next pro forma hearing is scheduled for January 6, 2022.

OM: motorcycle officer Arno deliberately killed by truck driver
Source link OM: motorcycle officer Arno deliberately killed by truck driver

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