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The letter states that they are seizing part of his income. This means that he will only receive half of his benefit. Jan-Willem immediately objects. The bailiff asks him to send a copy of his bank card. Together with the letter and what he pays in rent.

After he has sent all this, there is a long silence. He calls the bailiff himself a few times. They promise to investigate and call back. That’s not happening. A month later, Jan-Willem receives a letter. This states that his seizure-free foot has been recalculated. The attachment-free rate is the part of income that a creditor is not allowed to attach. This is to ensure that people have money left over for living and eating, among other things. According to Jan-Willem, the amount to which he is entitled is too little. Because the high rental costs have not been taken into account. Jan-Willem is now getting into trouble paying his bills. He wants to get back the money that was withheld.

Jan-Willem sends an email to the National Ombudsman. Machteld* will deal with his complaint. She calls the bailiff. The bailiff asks to resend Jan-Willem’s complaint and will look into it quickly. Machteld sends the complaint again.

The bailiff wonders what Jan-Willem lives on. He decides to call him. Jan-Willem and the bailiff have a good conversation with each other. The bailiff sees that the attachment-free rate has not been established properly and that the SVB has paid too much money to the bailiff. The office is going to fix this.

Machteld calls Jan-Willem again. He indicates that it was nice to speak to the bailiff. They have shared all the information with each other. Jan-Willem gets part of the money back.

Jan-Willem is pleased with the personal contact with the bailiff and thanks Machteld for her work. The National Ombudsman always tries to point out how important personal contact is in the advice he gives to organisations. It is good to remember that behind every complaint there is a person. Listening and doing are very important.

* Not the real name

Is there something wrong between you and the bailiff† Or are you unable to reach an agreement with another government agency? Call the for free National Ombudsman 0800 – 33 55 555.

Ombudsman: A phone call is done in no time | What you say
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