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In 2020, the bank accounts of Floris and Feline are suddenly seized. According to the tax authorities, Feline had to repay payroll tax in 2016. However, Feline never heard of that, and so she didn’t. As a result, they now suddenly have to pay the payroll tax and on top of that about 700 euros: costs for the reminders from the tax authorities and the seizure of the bank accounts.

Floris calls the tax authorities and then the problem comes to the fore. The tax authorities sent all mail for Feline to their old address in Belgium. Floris thinks it’s strange. Didn’t he pass on the change of address for the whole family in one go in 2016? How is it possible that the tax authorities think that his wife still lives in Belgium? Floris even still has the form, with which he can show that he completed it correctly in 2016. But nothing changes. Not even if the Tax and Customs Administration admits by telephone that something has gone wrong.

Floris submits an official complaint to the tax authorities. But even that doesn’t solve anything. The tax authorities stand firm: Floris’s complaint is not justified. They believe that Floris cannot prove that the tax authorities made a mistake. And they stick to that. They don’t want to talk to Floris any further.


Frustrated, Floris contacts the National Ombudsman. He thinks it is obvious that the IRS is wrong. And he doesn’t understand why the tax authorities are making such a fuss. Colleague Janneke gets to work and asks questions to the tax authorities. At first she gets the same answers as Floris, but she is not satisfied with that. She keeps asking questions. The Tax and Customs Administration will then conduct its own investigation. What seems? They did indeed make a mistake when changing Feline’s address. They apologize and refund the 700 euros. The couple will also receive compensation.

It is good that the Tax and Customs Administration has finally solved the problem. But one phone call should have been enough to rectify this mistake.

* Not the real name

Do things also go wrong between you and the tax authorities? Or are you unable to reach an agreement with another government agency? Then call the National Ombudsman for free on 0800 – 33 55 555.

Ombudsman: One phone call wasn’t enough | What you say
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