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Hafida is dissatisfied with her life in the institution and the care she receives there. She always talks about it with her parents. The couple has been concerned for some time and has regularly complained about it to the institution. But nothing changes. That is why the parents go a step further to make a change in the care of Hafida. They contact their municipality. The municipality has a contract with the institution where Hafida lives. The agreement states that the institution must perform the municipal duties.

At the municipality, the handling of the complaint is rather slow. The officials send the parents time and again to another counter. Their dissatisfaction continues.

Because Hafida’s parents believe that the municipality is not doing enough with their complaints, they complain about this to the National Ombudsman. Employee Eva is investigating what the parents could have expected from the municipality in response to their complaints. She sees that the municipality has sent the family from pillar to post. There was a lot of uncertainty about who should handle the complaint: the municipality itself or the institution. And the expectations about this between Hafida’s parents and the municipality were quite different.

We have made recommendations to the municipality. She must be in control. We believe that a municipality should remain accountable. Even if it has outsourced or transferred the performance of its tasks to another organisation. We see that very often things go wrong in municipalities. Not only with youth care, but also with arranging aids and domestic help, for example. A citizen should not get caught up in a maze. A situation should not arise in which the municipality refers to an organization involved and the organization in turn refers to the municipality.

The municipality where Hafida lives has taken up our recommendations well. New agreements have been made internally about how civil servants should deal with complaints such as Hafida’s. And just as important: the municipality has also put clear information on its website about complaints about the care institutions with which the municipality has a contract.

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Ombudsman: Who resolves my complaint? | What you say
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