On holiday to Germany, what should you pay attention to?

Germany puts the Netherlands on the high-risk list because of the rapidly increasing number of corona infections. This means that a stricter policy will apply to travelers from the Netherlands. What exactly does that ‘policy’ mean?

If you are traveling to our Eastern neighbors from next Tuesday, you have to take a number of things into account. If you have not been vaccinated, you must be quarantined in Germany after a stay in a high-risk area (the Netherlands from Tuesday). Travelers must go to their accommodation immediately after arrival. There they have to quarantine for ten days if they do not have a vaccination or recovery certificate. If you have a negative corona test, you can ‘get out of quarantine’ after five days. The obligation applies from the age of six.

The Netherlands on Germany’s high-risk list

Travelers will also soon have to have a negative test result, vaccination or recovery certificate before crossing the border. They must also provide such data to the German authorities via an online form. A full vaccination means that the last shot was at least two weeks ago.

Some groups are exempt from this registration requirement. This includes people who have driven through a risk area without stopping and travelers who are in transit to a destination outside Germany.

German media already wrote yesterday that the Netherlands will become ‘Hochinzidenzgebiet’. Germany already saw the Netherlands as a risk area. There was therefore already a quarantine obligation for people who could not prove that they had been vaccinated, tested negative or recently recovered from Covid-19.

Dark red on the corona card

As long as the Netherlands had the status of a risk country, travelers had to have documentation such as the test or vaccination certificate no later than 48 hours after arrival in Germany. Until people could provide information, they had to comply with the rules for quarantine. That rule is being tightened.

Large parts of the Netherlands went from red to dark red this week on the corona map of the European health service ECDC. It concerns the provinces of North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht, North Brabant, Gelderland and Overijssel. Groningen was previously at the highest level and will remain there.

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The Netherlands on German high-risk list, what does that mean in concrete terms?

On holiday to Germany, what should you pay attention to?
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