One in ten Dutch female students is raped, according to a new survey


A survey of 1,000 students found that one in ten female students and 1% of male students in the Netherlands were raped, human rights group Amnesty International said Wednesday.

Most students say they knew the attacker either on a date or at a party. “We’re not talking about a stranger hiding in a bush,” Amnesty International spokeswoman Martin Gorman told broadcaster RTL Nieuws.

The group defined rape as some form of intrusion without consent, and said that 60% of victims did not define what happened to them as rape.

New Dutch law defines all unconsensual sexual activity as rape and is sentenced to up to nine years in prison. Current law defines rape as sexual assault with force or violence.

According to a survey conducted by I & O Peeling, only a small number of students in the university know who to ask for help. The university is not responsible for rape, but Gorman said there is more that can be done to help the victims.

Only 3% of the students in the survey reported the attack to college mentors, and 40% did not tell anyone what had happened to them.

The survey also found that 37% of men and 25% of women believe that women are more likely to be raped if they are wearing “sexy” clothing. There was also a high possibility of being raped.

In addition, 6% of men and 2% of women said that post-dating kisses meant they agreed to have sex.

Amnesty International has campaigned to consider unsolicited sexual activity as rape. According to the report, 13 countries in the European Economic Area, including Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany and Greece, have changed the legal definition of rape to a consent-based one.

Dutch law is still pending.

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One in ten Dutch female students is raped, according to a new survey

Source link One in ten Dutch female students is raped, according to a new survey

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