Online gambling grows with total accounts exceeding 860,000

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The number of accounts held by online gambling companies more than doubled to 860,000 in the second half of last year, generating a pre-tax profit of around €1.1 billion, says gambling watchdog Kansspelautoriteen (Ksa). . report Published on Wednesday.

The number of accounts does not match the number of players. Users can have multiple accounts, and Ksa estimates the actual number of people playing each month at around 365,000. About 60% started gambling after it was legalized 18 months ago.

In January of this year, the gambling company won €124 million from Dutch punters. This is his 39% increase over January 2021 and the upward trend is projected to continue. The average monthly loss is around 143€ per account per month.

Around 92% of online gamblers now play through licensed businesses, 12% higher than expected before the legalization of online betting.

René Jansen, chairman of the KSA, said the legalization of online gambling will undoubtedly lead to an increase in the number of accounts, but he is concerned that not all companies are doing their duty of care to their players. rice field. That means we fail to monitor people whose addictions exhibit excessive gambling behavior or large losses, he said. number.

The impact of legalizing online gambling on addiction is not yet clear, but so far 38,000 people have entered their names to “quit gambling,” according to Ksa. register This effectively bans you from any form of (online) gambling for six months.

Young people are most at risk of addiction, according to the report. “What we feared is coming true,” said Trimbos Addiction Institute spokesperson Tony van Rooy. It’s a health risk in itself, but they lose money, some very large losses,” he said.

Van Rooij questioned the average loss of €143, as it does not fit the 1-2% group that loses several thousand euros in a single session. “We must remember that this move is to protect gamblers in the old situation and not to attract large groups of new players.

the government brought legislation Phase out advertising on television, radio and public spaces to protect gambling addicts and other vulnerable populations. Advertisements are seen as the main driving force in gambling, especially if they feature well-known (sports) personalities. Banned. Online gambling grows with total accounts exceeding 860,000

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