Opposition finds Rutte’s plans insufficient, substandard and scam

SP leader Marijnissen already served Rutte at the start of the current crisis of confidence and she has no plans to return. “Whoever started the fire cannot put it out,” she says again today.

Party leader Ouwehand of the Party for the Animals is not impressed either. “I have experience with radical ideas and I could not detect one with Mr. Rutte”, was her judgment. Ouwehand also gave up his confidence in Rutte earlier, and will remain so. “It is not credible what he says.”

The same roughly thinks PVV leader Wilders. “That was nothing, nada, nothing. Radical emptiness. Scam. Insecure, restless, nervous. What an incredibly bad story,” he tweeted after the interview.


Kaag van D66 is a lot milder about Rutte’s performance. “It’s a start and that’s important to me,” she said. Rutte had announced in advance that he was coming to speak about “radical ideas”, but Kaag found that disappointing. “Sometimes the trailer is more exciting than the movie.”

D66 became the second party in the elections and, together with the VVD, is taking the lead in the search for the next coalition. Kaag is pleased with the proposals for the administrative culture made by the outgoing prime minister, including a thinner coalition agreement, faster release of official documents and more room in the Council of Ministers for discussion.

According to her, these are themes that D66 and other parties have been promoting for some time. “And of course we want a lot more.” The D66 leader finds it important that the formation is speeded up now, so that problems can be tackled again.

CDA and Omtzigt

The CDA is an important factor for that formation, if only because the party is Rutte’s favorite for the next coalition. That party will respond to the ideas of the VVD leader in the debate tomorrow. Furthermore, Rutte will at some point still speak with the number 2 of the CDA, Member of Parliament Omtzigt. He has been working at home for some time and is very critical of the outgoing prime minister.

In the debate about the final report of informateur Tjeenk Willink, however, a start can be made with the continuation of the formation. Mariëtte Hamer is expected to be appointed as the new informateur in that debate. She may then take the following steps towards a new cabinet.

Opposition finds Rutte’s plans insufficient, substandard and scam
Source link Opposition finds Rutte’s plans insufficient, substandard and scam

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