Pakistan train crash death toll rises to more than sixty | Abroad

The number of victims of the train crash in southern Pakistan has risen to at least 63. Dozens were also injured in the clash in the rural district of Ghotki in the southern province of Sindh. Some of them are in critical condition.

The accident was caused by a Millat Express train derailed around 03.30 in the night from Sunday to Monday, after which trainsets ended up on the track of the other direction. They were rammed a few minutes later by the other train, the Sir Syed Express.

Salvage completed

Twelve bodies were found during rescue operations last night. The death toll is now 63. The salvage operation has now been completed, the track will be reopened tomorrow, the railway manager said.

There were more than 1,000 passengers on board both trains. Most were asleep when the first train derailed. Ata Mohammad, a passenger on the Millat Express, said he woke up from a shock and saw other passengers trying to climb out of the train.

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Employees of the Pakistan Railways a day after the train collision. © AFP

Then the other train hit the derailed compartments. “I feel like I can still hear the screams,” said Mohammad, who lost several family members in the accident.

Cause unclear

The cause of the accident is not yet clear. Aijaz Ahmed, the driver of the Sir Syed Express, said he braked when he saw the derailed train, but there was not enough time to avoid a collision.

Another Millat Express passenger, Mohammad Amin, told AP news agency that he and his brother saw mechanics working on one of the carriages before the train departed from Karachi. According to him, it was exactly that wagon that later derailed. Railway employees have said they are recording statements from survivors, including the drivers.


Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was shocked by the accident. He promised a thorough investigation into safety flaws at the railways. The minister in charge of the railways, Azam Swati, said all possibilities are being investigated, including sabotage.

Fatal train accidents are a regular occurrence in Pakistan. The network is in decline due to corruption, mismanagement and lack of investment. Attacks are also committed by separatists and Islamist militants. In 1990, a passenger train collided with a stationary freight train in South Pakistan. 210 people died as a result.

Pakistan train crash death toll rises to more than sixty | Abroad
Source link Pakistan train crash death toll rises to more than sixty | Abroad

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