Peak of corona wave seems to be in sight

Photo: ANP

The summer wave of the coronavirus, at least for now, appears to be approaching its highest point. The number of confirmed infections is still rising, but the increase is slower.

How many infections have been confirmed in the past seven days will become clear on Tuesday in the weekly figures of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The institute reported last week that it had received 34,145 reports of positive tests in the previous week.

In the six days after that, 32,627 positive tests were added, an average of 5438 per day. This could bring the weekly figure to about 38,000 on Tuesday, or about 11 percent more than last week. That is the slowest weekly gain since late May, five weeks ago, when the current wave had yet to start.

RIVM will also publish figures on the pressure on hospitals on Tuesday. The influx of corona patients there is increasing.

Peak of corona wave seems to be in sight
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